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QBL Systems

Our Story

QBL was founded in 2004 by Wojciech Śliwka, the ski instructor and a two-time Polish champion in mountain biking - one of the major pioneers of this sport. Initially, the company’s activity was based on running ski rentals and a ski school in the Beskid Mountains, but later on, it focused on manufacturing. A great passion for skiing combined with the knowledge of the sports industry and experience in managing ski rental shops resulted in the creation of the first specialized products. Full commitment to the design of top quality ski storage and drying systems brought immediate results. Over last years, the company’s production potential has increased several times and a team of people that share the same values, goals and ambitions has gathered around the company’s founder. Today QBL Systems has an extensive, dynamically developing distribution network and implements winter sports infrastructure projects in more than 30 countries worldwide. The quality of QBL products has been confirmed by international experts and the prestigious ISPO Award Winner in 2014 and 2019.

QBL Systems


QBL Systems strives to become an authentic and reliable partner for every customer. We put a great effort in creating ideas and providing quality that will meet needs and requirements of our business partners. We realize that by providing products that are consistent, functional and stand the test of time we support their ski-related businesses and their development. Meeting the expectations of our customers worldwide requires competences, openness to market changes and innovativeness. Every day we learn and assimilate these crucial features to use them in practice in our highly competitive business environment. We do it by improving production processes, by seeking better manufacturing solutions, embracing new materials and designs, learning from our previous experiences and facing new challenges. “We realize that by delivering high quality, innovativeness and reliability we support the businesses of our clients worldwide. We strive to become their true and trustworthy partner. This is our mission.”

QBL Systems

Our Milestones

  • Jan


    QBL claims the ISPO Award Winner

    QBL claims the ISPO Award Winner for the second time for its innovative CliQ - The Original Ski Holder.

  • Aug


    First football boots dryer

    QBL designs the first football boots dryer to be installed on the Etihad Stadium for the Manchester City first team.

  • Feb



    QBL conducts the rebranding process of QBL Systems brand, modifying its logo and formulating the principles of brand identity.

  • Jan


    First winter sports fairs overseas

    QBL shows its range of products overseas for the first time - at SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado.

  • Jan


    First ISPO Award Winner

    QBL as the first Polish company in history gains prestigious ISPO Award Winner in Rental&Service Equipment category.

  • Nov


    First ski depot delivered abroad

    QBL provides the ski lockers to a large foreign ski depot in Vista Wellness Hotel, Czech Rep. for the first time.

  • Oct


    First ice rink equipped

    QBL delivers the first ice-skate racks and dryers to facilities of an open-air ice rink in Gorky Park, Moscow.

  • Feb


    First international exhibitions

    QBL participates in ISPO Munich and ProWinter Bozen as an exhibitor for the first time.

  • May


    First European Union grant gained

    QBL gains the first European Union grant for company's production plant development.

  • Mar


    Foreign clients

    QBL initiates cooperation with foreign clients and exports the first ski storage equipment to Neuss, Germany.

  • Oct


    The Company established in Ustron

    Wojciech Śliwka establishes the QBL company and opens the first ski rental shop in Ustroń, Poland.

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