Boot Dryer Optiflow


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Length Capacity Height Width
[mm] [pairs of boots] [mm] [mm]
1500 44 2420 500
1800 55 2420 500
2000 66 2420 500
2400 77 2420 500
3000 99 2420 500
4000 132 2420 500
Power consumption* Voltage
550/7150 230/3x400

*without heating / with heating

Product details


Boot Dryer Optiflow is the most advanced QBL dryer, which connects attractive design, high drying  efficiency and outstanding ergonomics. Thanks to the smart construction the width of the device is limited to 50cm, what saves loads of presious space in ski rentals and  depots. The electrical system is divided into three segments, and it is made of high-quality components designed for continuous operation. All functions of the dryer are controlled using a touchscreen. Using a few buttons you can set the operating mode of each segment, its air temperature and drying times. The arms, on which boots are placed, are replaceable and equipped with nozzles with a spring which opens air supply only when a boot is placed on the arm. The function of controlling the segments, adjusting working hours and the open-close nozzle system contribute substantially to the high effectiveness of drying and energy efficiency of the device.


Product sheet (535.12 KB)
QBL Catalogue 2019-2020 (8.74 MB)

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