Depot Locker 400


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Width Capacity Depth Height
[mm] [sets of gear] [mm] [mm]
1x400 3 550 2280
2x400 2x3 550 2280
Power consumption* Power consumption**
15/135 15/255

*fan / fan + heating  – for depot locker single
**fan / fan + heating  – for depot locker double

Product details


Depot Lockers are a convenient and secure solution for storing complete sets of winter sports gear. The interior of each Locker compartment has a space for skis or snowboards and is equipped with hooks for helmets or other accessories and a vertical duct with arms for drying boots and optionally helmets and gloves. Each compartment has its own heating system. The bottom of the locker can be open or can be made of grated steel plate, or stainless steel plate with an opening for water dripping from the skis. Locker's doors are made of steel or furniture board and can be customized to individual customer preferences. Access to Lockers is personalised through the use of electronic locking systems, keypads or through conventional locks with a key.


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