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Length Width Height
[mm] [mm] [mm]
1100 730 1300
Power Voltage*
[W] [V]
3500 230/3x400

*with/without potentiometer

Product details


Attractive price

Suitable for both smaller and larger ski facilities.

Four equipment variants

Including side edge grinder and feed.

Wide regulation options

Adjusting sharpening angle and grinding speed.

Water cooling system

Featuring the robust circulating pump.

Two voltage alternatives

With or without potentiometer.

Proven technology

Robust components and high quality of manufacture.


The device is designed to grind bases, edges and to sharpen side edges of skis and snowboards. The Grinding Machine has been on the European market for many years and is characterized by high quality and the application of proven technology. The machine is available in four versions: LC – basic version; LCK – version with a side edge sharpener; LCD – version with a feed; LCKD – full version with a side edge sharpener and feed. The advantage of the machine is a two-stage grinding speed (550 and 1100 revolutions) as well as a feed wheel with variable speed regulation. Main grinding belt is 340-370mm wide and 1610-1620mm long. The belt for side edge sharpening is 20mm wide and 1100mm long.


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