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Length Capacity* Width Height
[mm] [p.s+h/p.b.] [mm] [mm]
1500 19+18/15 450 2420
1800 24+21/18 450 2420
2000 27+24/21 450 2420
2400 33+30/24 450 2420
3000 42+39/30 450 2420
4000 54+48/42 450 2420

*pairs of skis + helmets + pairs of junior boots

Product details


Holding skis in the Top Plus rack is based on an innovative grip system - the CliQ. It consists of three precisely designed parts, i.e. construction cover, clamping arms and pressure unit. The exceptional effectiveness of the holder has been confirmed by the ISPO Award Winner. The bottom of the rack include a water tub and a rubber mat.  In the upper part of the rack, above the skis, there are three shelves for storing junior boots, helmets and other accessories. Height-adjustable crossbars in the lower part of the rack and shelves in the upper part allow storing winter gear of different types and sizes.


QBL Catalogue 2019-2020 (8.74 MB)

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